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Companies most often would be required to have an online assessment system for their staff. There can be due to various reasons: 1. Compliance and adherence Employees especially of larger corporations are required by compliance to understand certain important policies and regulations. For example, most companies who are regulated by governing bodies would require a [...]

I used to work for a large company that have hundreds of branches in the country. These branches changes from time to time- just as outlets/businesses do, they may close down due to lack of business, or shift to a larger office space down the road or open a new branch. I maintain the listing [...]

How to structure promotion communication and updates in intranet thumbnail

When your company is launching a campaign on promotions and offers, it is important that the information that is provided is sufficient for your front line staff like sales and customer service to address queries from customers. This information should be available at least about 3 to 5 working days before the campaign is to [...]

Have your staff ever feedback that they are unable to locate details of past promotions and campaigns? Usually the company's official website would unpublish or retire the campaign page once it expires. The problem is, expired campaigns would continue to receive inquiries from customers. Customers would always call or walk in to check on following...in [...]

Why you need to archive past emails in your intranet thumbnail

Right from the start when I started managing staff communication for my division, I made it a point to have all my emails archived. I've done this in two of the companies that I work with where I also manage their information portal. It enables staff to be able to utilize your intranet as a [...]

Email communication: Should you schedule them or send out at once? thumbnail

What happens if you have 10 emails that you have to send out to your staff? Do you send all 10 emails immediately after you have prepared them, or do you schedule time and space in between? My sincere advise is ALWAYS space out the emails that you send out. Don't shoot out emails in [...]