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I spend the last 10 years of my career managing intranet and communication. Knowing the challenges as well as the triumph of managing intranets, I share my experience with you in this blog.

Email communication: Should you schedule them or send out at once?
What happens if you have 10 emails that you have to send out to your staff? Do you send all
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What structure should you use for email communication to your staff?
Over the years, I have noticed a few ways that are commonly used for official communication to staff: 1. The
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How to structure communication to staff on issues or crisis affecting the business
In my previous job, I send out an average of between 4 to 6 emails daily to the staff in
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Why you should allocate a full time resource just to manage your company’s intranet portals
Whether or not you need to hire a full time resource would depend on a few factors such as: 1.
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