This site is created in January 2018 to focus on writing articles about structuring communication for intranets.

It is not about the software and program to use the intranet as this is not my level of expertise. It is about having an intranet where it is effective and it becomes an important source of reference for your staff.

I have the experience of managing intranets and issuing communication full time for 10 years. During my tenor, there have been a number of limitations which were out of my control (budget and regionalization of intranet when the intranet had lots of bugs). I’ve learned to work around these limitation and realized that the effectiveness of an intranet lies not in its design or sophistication but the dedication to make it work…. to ensure information is presented in a consistent manner and diligently reviewed/ updated.

Aside from managing one of my company’s intranet, I also manage communication that are going to staff who are dealing with customers. Actually originally this was not my role, but I got fed up of receiving incomplete and often late information that for urgency I ended up drafting myself. I understand the constraints faced by my other colleagues (who were supposed to provide me with the materials)- that they are struggling to meet the demands of launches or busy solving the issues or attending meetings.

I have also been told that many faced the constraints of writing- they have no problem conveying ideas verbally but have difficulty expressing these in writing.

Due to a change in my life circumstances, I have left my job in 2017. I want to start this site to share the experience that I’ve learned with managing intranets and also writing communication to staff.

In a way, it is also for me to share some of my experience for other struggling communicators. I remembered how tough it was for me in the beginning and often I had to learn a lot of things the hard way.