Branch location update in intranet

Maintain and update your company’s outlet/branches listing in your intranet

I used to work for a large company that have hundreds of branches in the country. These branches changes from ...
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Update campaign at intranet

How to structure promotion communication and updates in intranet

When your company is launching a campaign on promotions and offers, it is important that the information that is provided ...
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Archiving past campaigns/promotions in your intranet

Have your staff ever feedback that they are unable to locate details of past promotions and campaigns? Usually the company's ...
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Why INTRANET is useful and a great cost & time saving tool for a company

Having an intranet or an information portal specifically for employee's reference is crucial especially for service industry sectors or multinational ...
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Intranet solve looking for information

What is the purpose of having a company intranet, and the contents in it?

I spend 10 years of my career life managing intranets. Intranets are very important for a company that is dealing ...
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