Email communication: Should you schedule them or send out at once?

What happens if you have 10 emails that you have to send out to your staff? Do you send all 10 emails immediately after you have prepared them, or do you schedule time and space in between? My sincere advise is ALWAYS space out the emails that you send out. Don’t shoot out emails in [...]

What structure should you use for email communication to your staff?

Over the years, I have noticed a few ways that are commonly used for official communication to staff: 1. The email with a few summarized sentences followed by a link to an employee portal where the updates are being published in the site. Example of such email: “Please be informed that new terms have been [...]

How to structure communication to staff on issues or crisis affecting the business

In my previous job, I send out an average of between 4 to 6 emails daily to the staff in my division. This excludes the emails that goes back and forth when dealing with product owners, or those individual emails from staff. Usually when there is an emergency or crisis, no one wanted to come [...]

Why you should allocate a full time resource just to manage your company’s intranet portals

Whether or not you need to hire a full time resource would depend on a few factors such as: 1. How large is your company database files. 2. Do you have more than one information portal that requires maintenance. 3. Does the files/pages require constant updates and used as a reference point. 4. Is there [...]